Publication SPBI 

Breaking into enclosed spaces

The aim of the publication is to provide high-quality support to all rescuers who want to improve their skills in overcoming mechanical barriers in situations of imminent danger. The reader will find a compilation of legal regulations that provide a basis for rescuers when entering properties, recommendations for organizing the intervention of rescuers at the scene, a description of mechanical barriers, and procedures for overcoming them. Destructive and non-destructive methods are consistently distinguished. Everything is processed in sufficient detail. The publication also includes some methods that are unusable for rescuers. Mentioning them is necessary for the orientation of rescuers in the field of overcoming mechanical barriers. Finally, recommended equipment for individual levels of rescuers is mentioned. Studying the information in the publication forms a sufficient theoretical basis for the professional training of rescuers. However, for complete and quality professional training, it is always necessary to complement theoretical study with practical training.