Rescop HZS Door Bosch

Emergency set designed for opening jammed doors, closed windows, doors with regular hinges, and doors with security hinges featuring exposed profiles of cylindrical locks. The set is specified according to the requirements of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic according to TP-TS/14-2020. The electric tools are from the BOSCH brand.

In PUR foam, there is a prepared space for the BOSCH cordless router!

The set includes:

- Rescop D (1, 2 a 3),

- Rescop Zero (L a P),

- spray lubricant,

- Four-sided putty knife.

- Rescop Destroy,

- adjustable wrench.

- Thumb key 2v1,

- Rescop Tiger,

- Rescop Fix,

- AKU drill with others,

- expanding cushion,

- elevator key,

- pliers, hammer, screwdriver set, 

- chisel, wedges, saw, punch, bits,

- protective case Auer Packaging Pro 600 x 400 x 280 mm.