We conduct high-quality professional training focused on the issue of entering (opening) enclosed spaces for fire protection units and other components of the Integrated Rescue System (IZS). The goal is to familiarize responding firefighters with the use of optimal non-destructive (or destructive) methods for accessing spaces, taking into account the nature of the intervention. The seminars include descriptions and comparisons of destructive and non-destructive opening methods, intervention tactics, mistakes during on-site activities, the legal framework for entering properties, etc. During the professional training, participants have the opportunity to practically try picking, raking, bumping, drilling into the system, milling + drilling out cylindrical inserts, and other emergency techniques for overcoming mechanical barriers.

This is the only professional training for firefighters in the Czech Republic in this field.

The output and proof of completing the seminar is a certificate of training for the unit in the respective area, which, along with the attendance list, serves as evidence of the unit's operational readiness for operational management.

Requests for a non-binding offer can be submitted by sending a request to

Information about training at +420 777 308990